Current Community Quilt Projects

First 2018 Project: 30″ X 36″ wheelchair quilts

Many people find themselves confined to a wheelchair and in care. This life-altering event can be incredibly difficult for both them and their families. Our quilts will be donated to care facilities on the North Shore. We hope our quilts will bring some small measure of comfort and warmth to those who receive them.  

We have already had a wonderful response to this first 2018 project… THANK YOU! If you have not yet signed up to make one, you can do so at our monthly meetings or email me (check the 2018 membership list for my email).

The “deadline” (oh, sounds so serious!) for these completed quilts is our Luncheon on June 20th, but you can of course bring them to our monthly meetings as soon as they are finished. YOU MUST ATTACH A LABEL BEFORE YOU HAND IT IN (see below).

As a big “THANKS!” to all who deliver a completed wheelchair quilt,
there’ll be a draw prize (one entry per quilt)
to be picked at our June luncheon (the deadline for this project)!


There is no pattern: you are welcome to make any quilt, in any colour or style… something that you will find joy in making and giving, but the finished size should be no smaller than 30″ X 36″  and no larger than 32″ X 38″. You may make it slightly larger, to around 42″ long, but keep the width to a max of 32″ to fit inside the wheelchair.

If you really like working with patterns, there are plenty of freebies online… Google is your friend! Or pick a book from our fabulous Library for inspiration! This is your chance to try something new!

You  may wish to add a small pocket close to the top of the quilt for the new owner to store little items (such as a tissue or two, glasses or a cell phone).

You may use cotton for the back of your quilt, but flannel backing means the quilt is less likely to slide off someone seated in a wheelchair. You could forgo batting altogether if you choose a flannel backing and may or may not wish to add an extra layer of flannel instead of batting. You could also use fleece instead of flannel, and again forgo batting. It’s your choice!

The quilt must be fully completed, bound ‘n all, or pillowcased, if you prefer this look. WITH A LABEL… ready to give, in other words!


At the March 7th Executive meeting, it was agreed that members be creative and use their own ideas to make a label for their quilts for donation, whether it be a sew-on/iron-on label, or an embroidered label, as long as it uses the following wording:

“Made from the heart by Seymour Quilters Guild, North Vancouver, BC”

The word “heart” may be replaced by a tiny heart emoji.

If you prefer, some sew-on or iron-on labels will also be available at the Community Quilts table at our meetings.


If you need help finishing a wheelchair quilt you have signed up to make for donation (that arthritis is a real killjoy!), please contact me directly, at a meeting or by phone or email.