Community Quilts

Members of Seymour Quilters Guild make and donate quilts to a variety of organizations and people in need throughout the year.

Announcing our first SEYMOUR SEW-CIAL in (oh) forever!

The planned CQ day on March 14th will now be an open sewing day…

When: March 14th, 9.30am to 3.30pm
Where: Gloria Dei
Price: $15 per person
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First 2018 Project: 30″ X 36″ wheelchair quilts

Many people find themselves confined to a wheelchair and in care. This life-altering event can be incredibly difficult for both them and their families. Our quilts will be donated to care facilities on the North Shore. We hope our quilts will bring some small measure of comfort and warmth to those who receive them.
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As a big “THANKS!” to all who deliver a completed wheelchair quilt,
there’ll be a draw prize (one entry per quilt)
to be picked at our June luncheon (the deadline for this project)!

Other Quilt sizes for Donation

Although our first project this year is for wheelchair quilts, there is also often a need for twin-sized quilts. If you wish to make a quilt for donation, and are willing to go a little bigger, feel free to make something you  are inspired to create.

Look out for a Community Quilt table at our monthly meetings and stand by for other initiatives and projects planned for later this year. Ideas and suggestions are welcome! Please call or email me, Penny N, with regards Community Quilts.


“Blankets wrap you in warmth, quilts wrap you in love.”